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Transforming Workplace Safety through Culture Change

Jim offers a range of safety culture solutions including design and implementation of culture change initiatives, coaching in leading change, the interactive experiential program TeamEverest Safety, and DVDs and books supporting the learning and implementation of safety culture norms. We can engage to initiate corporate-wide safety culture change, or to develop safety culture at a single site.

“Culture can make your strategic intentions fly, or it can sink them without a trace. This effect is often underestimated or totally left out of the picture when plans are formulated.”

  • Align organizational culture and strategy to optimize safety, production, quality
  • Reveal hidden cultural norms that affect results
  • Address polarization and divisiveness
  • Elevate collaboration through alignment and loyalty.

Why is Jim Elzinga focusing on safety?

“I am entering my fifth decade as a climber, and I continue to carry in my head the names of friends who have died in the mountains over the years, including my own brother and my best friend. And of course, the four whose deaths I witnessed on Everest during my first expedition."

“Those deaths are with me whenever I am in these high risk situations."

“In twenty-plus years of working in organizations, I find all too often, nothing truly effective is done about safety until a serious incident occurs. There needs to be a shift from compliance and enforcement to commitment and collaboration to really significantly elevate safety performance. Safety has to authentically become a core value throughout the organization, alongside the central performance values.”

“Looking at this through the lens of my understanding of organizational culture, I find it all comes down to human behavior and the values and beliefs that underlie the decisions we make in the heat if the moment, in the pursuit of some goal. This is the domain of organizational culture. I know I make a difference in this domain.”

“Culture can make your strategic intentions fly, or it can sink them without a trace. This effect is often underestimated or totally left out of the picture when plans are formulated.”

Jim’s Focus: The Human Dimension of Cultural Change:

  • Understanding Organizational Culture
  • Behavior change without culture change does not last
  • Working with resistance
  • Leading Change – leaders must model the change they want from everyone – walk the talk!
  • Ultimately, leadership must come from everywhere
  • Get the message deep into the organization – to the shop floor, to the field worker.

TeamEverest Safety: Driving safety performance through culture and leadershipTeam Everest Safety Culture

Responding to the surging demand for consistently higher safety performance and the failure of old-paradigm “carrot-and-stick” practices to meet this demand, TeamEverest: Building a Safety Culture is designed to facilitate a shift in safety culture from Enforcement/Compliance to Collaboration/Commitment.

TE Safety offers a dynamic and engaging learning environment that immerses leaders in the polarities inherent in pursuing demanding organizational objectives while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our approach focuses on the values and beliefs that underpin habitual behavior and the resistance to changing those behaviors;

We apply an experiential learning model to connect participants to their own organizational context and learning application opportunities; they form action plans to shift their own behaviors and to enhance or develop the leadership skills they will need to lead their safety culture shift;

The experience underscores the link between attitude change and the resulting safety behaviors and consequences.

Related Safety Products: DVDs, Books

Jim is developing a library of video and print materials that support and reinforce his safety message:

Safety Charm

DVD Set: Four Building Blocks of Safety Culture in four separate videos

  • Create It: A supportive environment where everyone is engaged and committed
  • Embrace It: For me, my family and my fellow workers
  • Believe It: Understand risk and know that all incidents are preventable
  • Live It: Everyone gets home safe at the end of every day

Coming soon:

Triumph and Tragedy on Mount Everest: Safety Lessons from the Grand Arena

Jim’s adventures from his two expeditions to Everest, and the insights and lifelong learnings that still live in him.

Link to DVD's and books