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Jim founded Heroic Hearts in 1993. It was born in the boldness and success of two pivotal events that formed the core values of Heroic Hearts:

  • his successful leadership of Everest Light, which pioneered a new style of teaming and a new route up Everest;
  • simultaneously, Jim worked with a major financial institution with its own Everest to climb. The expedition became a metaphor for the conditions, the skills, the mindset necessary to achieve superlative results. The outcome was a dramatic turnaround at the bank—a doubling of shareholder value.

Heroic Hearts is a veteran team of management consultants, advising clients on the special challenges that are emerging in today's volatile economy. Heroic Hearts specializes in supporting business leadership at all levels, improving organizational focus and strengthening the key relationships that drive sustainable business value.

Specialties: Strategic and Adaptive Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Change Leadership, Team Effectiveness.

Jim’s unique focus: The Human Dimension of Change. “A leader can identify a business challenge, and formulate a clear executable strategic plan, but if people aren’t brought along, the chances of failure are very high. I’ve seen this over and over again. If people understand why, if they believe in what they are being asked to create, and they clearly understand what their role is, they will commit wholeheartedly, with outstanding results.”

Jim’s services in Management Consulting are further detailed on the HeroicHearts website.