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Expedition to Safety DVD Set

Jim presenting to a live audience in high-production-value video on the Four Building Blocks of Safety Culture in four separate videos. Developed in partnership with ERI Safety Videos, who have been leaders in the production of safety education materials for more than 25 years.

Addressed to the hourly-paid worker, who is the most immediately active agent of safety culture on the shop floor and in the field, these talks offer gripping stories from Everest linked to concrete examples of actions and attitudes in the workplace that determine whether everyone returns home safely at the end of the day.

Create It: A supportive environment where everyone is engaged and committed

“Walking away from the devastating experience of losing four lives in Canada’s first Everest expedition, my friends and I were determined to return with a new style of climbing, a new style of leadership, and an unswerving commitment to the safety of everyone involved. We succeeded!”

A chilling story that draws in the audience. It can be done: by working together we can pursue the most demanding goals and stay safe.

Embrace It: For me, my family and my fellow workers

Safety is the highest value. We’re all in it together. Ideas and leadership can come from anywhere – not just the boss, the foreman, the white hat – everyone gets to speak up, everyone is responsible.

With his forty-plus years of making literally thousands of risk decisions in extreme environments, Jim enables us to understand what risk is and how to break it down to make better decisions.

Believe It: Understand risk and know that all incidents are preventable

The audience is captivated as the Everest epic continues. To be a successful climber is not just to summit a peak or have fun doing it, but above all to survive the trip, to come home to those you love and those who love and depend on you. It is the same at work - a good day at work is when everyone goes home safe at the end of the day to those they care for.

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Live It: Everyone gets home safe at the end of every day

The audience is inspired and motivated to live every moment knowing each move they make can effect the their own lives, their families, and the lives of everyone around them.

Living It means making your safety values the constant measure for every action; Living It means those values live in you wherever you are and whoever might be at risk. So they apply outside the team – values are universal, not situational; Living It means you take your safety culture home with you - twice as many injuries occur off the job as on the job.

Price: USD $495 for one DVD with all four presentations. Rental and enterprise licensing options available.

To order: Contact ERI Safety Videos 1-800-311-1143


Mountain Images

Striking photographs from Jim’s own library of thousands of images, accompanied by brief quotations touching on the deeper meanings he has gleaned from a lifetime of mountaineering.

20th Anniversary Limited Edition Large Hardcover Book

38 pages 11 x 8 1/2 inches/28 x 21.5 cm

Price: USD $100 plus shipping

To order books, please call: 416-619-5431

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Triumph and Tragedy on Mount Everest: Safety Lessons from the Grand Arena

Jim’s adventures from his two expeditions to Everest, and the insights and lifelong learnings that still live in him.

From the Preface:

I stood and gazed up at the imposing profile of Everest, stark and cold against the blue of the sky. Behind me the fire of my friend’s funeral pyre was burning down. His was the fourth death among our expedition’s members in a few days – my heart was heavy, my mind was in turmoil.

We were tackling one of the great challenges in mountaineering – getting to the summit of the world’s highest mountain – and we all accepted that there would be risks. But my years of experience in the high places of the world had taught me sometimes painful lessons about achieving great things safely. I knew there was a better way, and I knew others who agreed with me.

From that moment we began to formulate a new way of leading, of collaborating and reaching our highest goals while remaining unwaveringly committed to bringing everyone home alive.

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To order books, please call: 416-619-5431